All Is Well In The World

Ah, progesterone and general mental illness, you make me very emotional. Earlier today, dear readers of the page, I was scrolling on FB, and came across a picture of a young boy who looked like they could have been trans. It was an LGBT post, so I started reading. Of course, I immediately recognized it for what it was – the suicide letter of Leelah Alcorn. I couldn’t control my emotions, and burst into shards of tears. Even though I never met Leelah, and my life in no way mirrored hers, in terms of how she grew up, she (along with other watershed moments) was the reason I knew I had to attempt this transition thing. Her suicide, and that letter she left, provided all the leverage I needed. I guess I knew eventually that would be my fate, although I would have chosen a different method. But I digress…

The reason for this post is that I have been unreasonably harsh against my two Friends. I feel kind of stupey, and am beginning to recognize some of the emotion that the progesterone seems to be bringing out of me. I was tagged in a sweet post from one of my Friends, and I talked to the other today. Definitely all on my end, and I’ll have to be careful not to blow things out of proportion in the future. Anyway, everything is all smiles and bubbles at the moment. Let’s let this feeling carry on through the new year, shall we?

Oh, I may have an announcement concerning my lack of employment soonly. I’ll keep y’all updated, dear readers of the page! Thanks for reading!


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