Leelah Alcorn

As I was drifting off to sleep last night, I kept wondering why, and how, I had stumbled across Leelah’s suicide note and story. Well, after I woke up from my slumber (it is now 2:00 AM), I hit FB again, and almost immediately stumbled across another article about her. Turns out that yesterday was the anniversary of her death in 2014. I am going to try to post the article here. Hopefully, it will work, and won’t just be a linky. It was extremely triggering to read the suicide note again, in full. I won’t link it here, but I’m sure you can find it. Her suicide triggered some amazing turns in, and out of, the transgender community. It brought awareness where there was none; most of all, and selfishly, it shined a light on my need to transition. This article is written by someone who shares my viewpoint. I remember well following Leelah on Reddit. That is where I first heard of her. Rest in power, Leelah!

Let’s try to link the article, now.



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