Welcome, dear readers of the page, to 2018! I trust your New Year celebrations were fun and safe. I was able to watch the webcast of Phish’s show at Madison Square Garden in NYC. What an absolute cracker! It was fire, and I will certainly have to buy the mp3 so I can relive the memory over and over. Next best thing, or possibly even better, than being there in ze flesh.

In terms of medical transition, last year was a bit slow. I did get my levels correct, finally.  I added progesterone to my hrt regimen. In terms of other aspects of transitoin, not so much. And that’s fine with me. I am taking transition at my own pace, and doing things when I feel ready. I present female wherever I go, and, in general, in whatever I do. Still haven’t started using the women’s bathroom, but that will probably change in 2018. I’ve been getting gendered correctly more and more, although my voice betrays me – that will change this year. I think I am going to invest in Kathe Perez’s program to get my voice into a nice female range.

I also plan on name change, and getting that orchi done this year. Those are my plans, now time to make that shit happen.

I am nervous about a change that I am getting ready to make, regarding my hair. I think I am going to have my extensions taken out. The whole purpose of the extensions was to let my hair loc up, and I think it has worked beautifully. At least, that is what my loctician tells me. We’ll see. I think this will take away some of the passing privilege I currently have, which isn’t much at all. Hopefully, I won’t look too manly. I know that some of my looks, ah fuck, who am I kidding; a lot of my best pics of last year were because of my beautiful hair length. I’m going to take that away. Time to be strong, in the immortal words of Buffy. We’ll see…

That’s it, for now, dear readers of the page. Time to feed the dog, and have my first cuppa tea of 2018! Adagio’s Christmas blend is what I’ve been drinking, why change it up?


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