Good Day

The title, dear readers of the page, refers to “hello” and not that I’ve been having a good day, although, I’ve been having a good day so far!

I haven’t written in a while – sorry. I’ve been busy with work! Ah, that magical unicorn that evades me mostly, well, I’ve ensnared it.

Work has been going well. It is the insurance industry, so it is a lot of information, and in a short amount of time. They are really pushing for us to be on the phones, and that will take place on Thursday afternoon for a short period. The first 1.5 weeks is called STAR (not sure what it stands for) but this is still training. Yeah, we will be taking live calls, but they won’t be graded, except to give feedback and help. As you can imagine, I am extremely nervous. People say it is a piece of cake, but I don’t necessarily believe them, lol.

So, work, for the most part, is going well. I’m still under deadname, but some sacrifices had to be made in order for me to get paid. It is a temp-to-perm position, so I have to get to permanent before I can miss any time. Correction – I can’t miss any time within the first 120 days, which is pretty steep for a gal with Crohn’s disease, and in the middle of a flare, at that. I am still on my grind to get my orchi and name change. Along with that will be all the bullshit that goes along with coming out again. Life is just a series of coming outs, and that sucks. I know that most people at the new spot will probably laugh, or be turned off, but hey – I gotta do me. And hope that I have a job after I do me.

Egg is looking for another job, albeit a bit slowly. She probably needs to ramp up the frequency in which she looks for jobs, as Ecova (now Engie) will not be around forever. But that’s her story to tell, so I will let her tell it.

Really quickly, in other news, I took my extensions out! I now know the trepidation of cutting long hair, lol. As it got closer to the day of removal, I became more nervous. Now that they are out, I think part of my hair looks like a poodle, and I’m not used to the short length. However, it’s not too bad. I can’t wait until the ends lock, if they ever will. Egg is going to twist the ends this weekend, I think. That will get rid of the poodle look, which you can see better from the back of my head.  I will include a picture below to show off my new short do. Hopefully, my hairs will grown long and fast into beautiful, lovely locs!

Okay, dear readers of the page, thanks for coming back, if you have, to read what’s currently going on in my mind. I will write more soon, I promise.



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