Voice Work

Hey there, dear readers of the page! I really need to concentrate on voice work. I am getting gendered correctly from afar, and kinda close up, now; the minute I open my mouth, it is a dead giveaway. Now, let’s be clear here. I don’t actually have to change my voice to move it up an octave or two. The voice I have is good enough. In order to pass more effectively, I better voice will be in order.

With that in mind, I have found an online course, or cd’s – I can’t remember atm, but they are by Kathe Perez. They are supposed to be pretty good at feminizing amab voices. One of my FB friends has had tremendous success with the program, and her voice is amazeballs! The only problem with the cd’s is that that they cost, like, 165$ and I just don’t have that right now. If I was working, I don’t think it would be a problem to swing it, but now, I may have to continue my education by using the Voice Pitch Analyzer app on my phone and The Rainbow Passage for practice.

So that’s all I got for now. I will check in again soon. Thanks for reading, friends!


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