Sorry, dear readers of the page. I’ve neglected my lovely blog. It has cobwebs in the corners. But I am bullets, and I will continue to update. As I said in the opener, this blog will be updated as frequently, or as infrequently, as I need it to be. With that being said, let’s hop into this update.

Mainly, I’ve been sick. I still don’t have a job. I no longer have c-diff, which is awesome.  My Crohn’s is out of control right now, and I can tell. I didn’t really need a test to tell me that. But my Gastro, Dr Wolf, bless his heart, is thorough, and put me through a battery of tests. Everything came back clean except the markers for inflammation, indicating active IBD. My wonderful medical assistant, Stephanie, told me that Dr. Wolf wants to keep the same regimen of Cimzia and Methotrexate/Folic Acid. I’m not sure any of this shit is working, but oh well…

I am buying more clothing, after looking in the closet and seeing a bunch of nothing. I need everyday-type clothing. I guess I want to expand my clothing selection. I want some boho-type skirts and dresses, blouses and such. And some more flowy, black clothing.

I’m attaching a pic of some of the vials I’ve had to fill full of shit these last few weeks. It has been a mess, literally, hahahahaha.  Carry on…



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