Guess who got a tooth pulled yesterday? This girl, that’s right! I had been having pain around that area, couldn’t bite down or really touch it. It was that painful. Anyway, two days ago, I called my dentist to get an emergency appointment to see what was going on it there.

Turns out I had a cavity, and a bad one at that. It was so bad that my dentist had to pull the tooth. I guess the cavity had made it so deep that there was no other way.

Now, my options are two: 1. get an implant. Cost = $5000 before insurance or 2. get a bridge. Cost = $4000. This is all before insurance, which pays out at %50, I believe. I think I am going get a bridge, money willing. My parents will help, of course. I feel bad what with my mom’s 2nd degree burn that covers a majority of her left hand, and the biggie is that when the doctors did a lumpectomy for moms breast cancer, they found more cancer cells. so she will have to go through another lumpectomy.  My nephews are all having a hard time. My sisters work hard, blah, blah blah.

Back to the story though – my parents will help with the cost of the bridge, I think. I have to wait 6-8 weeks for the extraction to completely heal, then I can go in and get this taken care of finally.

The extracted tooth was a premolar and now I have this funny looking hole in my mouth when I smile. Not so bad, but I would like to get it fixed, ya know?

Alright, dear readers of the page, thanks for reading! Enjoy the rest of your day.


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