While Having Tea

Woot! Howdy, dear readers of the page! Two times in one day! Not sure what is spurring on this writing renaissance, but I loooovvvveeee it!

Recently, I ran out of one of my favorite types of tea. It is called Christmas, and it is a Christmas blend from Adagio tea company. We have been using them for years now. Anyway, it is made with Ceylon black tea with spices and orange notes. Kind of zesty. High on the caffeine levels, too; this is excellent for me when I need a minor boost in energy.

I bought three ounces for $7.00. Amazing, right?!?! The order arrived earlier this afternoon, and I couldn’t resist immediately brewing up a tasty cup!  And it was indeed tasty! This particular cup of tea exceeded my expectations!

Below is a pic of the first brew of the new stash! Delish! You can see the smoke rising from the liquid. And I fucking dig the BtVS reference on the mug. Egg got it for me! Yay! Okay. enjoy the pic, and the rest of your day/night dear readers!


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