Check In

Hey dear readers of the page! How are ya’ll doing> I’ve been better. My Crohn’s disease is outta control, which is nothing new, except that it is getting to be pre-2007 bad, and that really sucks. In 2007, I had almost two feet of my small and large intestines removed. Yeah, the surgery was extremely traumatic for me, and left me with a fear of surgery that I am going to have to get over if I ever want to get my orchi.

I still don’t have a job; honestly though, I don’t think in my current condition, that I could hold down a job. No joke, I am in the bathroom at least 10-15 times a day. It’s getting ridiculous.

I’m anemic, and I am still losing blood. Not a lot. But enough to register on the labs I recently took. I am anemic, but not enough to start i.v. iron. I can’t tolerate other forms, and have tried pills and liquid mixed in V8 to cut the taste (it’s truly awful. Tastes like a mouthful of pennies).

Random – Have y’all heard the new Bleachers’ album? I really like it. I wanted to see them in concert, but the tix are fairly expensive. Okay, not really; but high enough to not make the 1.5 hour trip to see them. Oh wells…

I’ve been practicing make makeup skills. I think I have the basics down, such as foundation and such. I am still not good with eyeliner, nor am I good with eye shadow. Hell, I am better than last year, but still lacking. I hate that I feel like I need to wear makeup, but I have a beard shadow, and I like to have it covered up, call me crazy , lol! Electro is expensive and may give me some scars and a lot of mental and physical pain and anguish. There has to be another way, damn!

My voice is still a problem. It is deep. I can get into an androgynous range, and that is cool. I definitely need more practice, and need confidence to use my voice with family, friends, and randoms.

Enough for now, dear readers of the page. i am going to leave y’all with a pic dump from this morning’s beat session. have a great day!!!!


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