Fire Not So Pretty

We had a fire yesterday in our home, dear readers of the page!!! It was pretty insane! Egg was making dinner for us, and I was happy with the thought of having some pork chops. While Egg was in my room with me, asking about sides to go along with the chops, we heard a loud BANG!! then POP!! We ran out to the kitchen to find the entire stove engulfed in shooting flames!  There was oil in the pan heating up, and within a minute or two, our stupid stove top went nuclear (which it has done before)! The explosions we heard were part of the vent hood that discharges an extinguisher-like substance when there is a stove fire.

Thanks to some quick thinking by both of us, Egg was able to grab the fire extinguisher and put out the fire, before it became a tragedy.  Yeah, there is that nasty extinguisher stuff all over the place, but I’ll take that any day to being DEAD!!

Lesson of the day, dear readers of the page – check your fire extinguishers. Make sure they are charged, and that you know 1) where it is located in the house and 2) and to use it.

See pics below for reference.


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