Night With Friends

Alright dear readers of the page, this will be a short entry. Tonight, we are going to commune with some Friends we haven’t seen in a minute. I’m pretty happy to be going tonight. I am wearing a new tunic that I bought from The Wildlife Foundation (or something like that).

Egg helped me with my makeup, and now my right eye refuses to cooperate and is leaking like fucking Niagara Falls. All in all, I like the look. We are now going to try to nail down the lips. I like dark colors. Egg wants me to try something new. The problem is, the last time I tried something new (a nude lip), I looked washed out in my pics. Not bad, but not necessarily my style.

420 was uneventful for me. Snoop did not, in fact, visit me, and I was stone cold sober. That sucked, and my sleep cycle was pretty shitty, too. Oh wells, I guess I am gonna have to get used to it, unless I find another way to score. We’ll see.

Okay, gotta go. Time to work on these lips. Maybe there will be pics later. We’ll see!


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