Thanksgiving Thursday

Thanksgiving Thursday was a great one. We picked up Egg’s brother then went to their dad’s house for dinner. It is an hours drive to get to his house, and surprisingly, there was more traffic on the road than previous years. We decided not to go to my parents house this year, as two Thanksgivings is one too many. Also, there are relatives at my parents house, and I couldn’t take being misgendered by all of them. That’s one of the great things about Egg’s side of the LBC. No misgendering! Well, maybe a slip now and again by Egg’s dad, but this is no big deal. They have been awesome about using my real name and pronouns. My parents absolutely suck at this.

After we got to dad’s house, we chilled and talked for a bit, while the bird was finishing up, then got down to the serious business of eating. Food was delicious, as always! And the conversation was really good too. Next year, we will be at my parent’s house, and, hopefully, by then, everybody will be on the same page concerning my gender identity. Anyway, we packed up some tupperware with the essentials: turkey, stuffing, pie, etc – then headed home. There were two accidents on the highway, which made our trip home even longer. Sucks, but I didn’t shit myself on the car ride, so there’s that!

When we got home, Egg’s brother stayed over for a while and we made margaritas and played board games. We played the game of Life twice, then played Scrabble. Any guesses as to who one all three games? IF you were thinking me, you’d be wrong. It was rotten Egg. That’s okay, though. I’ve already requested rematches in both games, and I plan on taking the crown which currently sits atop Egg’s head! Brother’s wife came over after work (she works at  restaurant, and was super slammed all day) to pick him up, and we went to bed. All in all, a great way to spend Thanksgiving. The only thing that would make it better would have been some green. All in good time, though.

Until next time, dear readers of the page, stay sleazy!


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