Possible Change To Surgery

Hey dear readers of the page! How are y’all? I’m doing pretty good over in my little corner of the world. This update won’t be that long. I just wanted to put this down in my digital notebook. Instead of vaginoplasty, I am leaning towards vulvoplasty. We are all able to use our Google fu  for a more in depth explanation of the terms and surgeries, but, at its most basic, vaginoplasty creates a vaginal canal, while vulvoplasty does not.

The cost of the surgery will remain close enough, from what I’ve read. There are some major pluses(sp) for me with vulvoplasty. No vaginal canal means no dilation. Another term for Google fu, if you want. Dilation takes up the vast majority of the first two months of your life after surgery. You have to dilate to keep the vaginal canal open. The body will treat it as a wound and try to close it. In order to keep depth, one needs to dilate all the time (4 times a day for a clip). I would need to dilate for the rest of my life. Maybe only once a week, but that is enough. I am not planning on having penetrative sex so, and I don’t feel like a canal is going to make me feel more complete, or authentic. I feel, within myself (most times, although yesterday I had a minor doubting Thomas crisis) that hrt removed most of the mental anguish I was going through at the time. Wow, I guess I am lucky I survived that maelstrom. Life inside Sophia’s head was very different back then. And I almost didn’t make it. But thanks to modern medicine, an extremely supportive and loving Egg, my close Friends, and some of my family, most days I see happiness ahead. We’ll have to work on my social anxiety, and I don’t know what will happen when I have to get a job. I am disabled, but may have to get a part time job.

——My my, what the heck?! I got off topic didn’t I? lol! Back to the original topic, I would still have sexual function in the form a clit, so there’s that. And really that’s all I need, hahahaha!! The appearance is supposed to be the same, so that makes me happy.

It’s still not 100%, but I am leaning heavily in that direction. The other main reason, and this is a biggie. I have Crohn’s disease, and it has not been under control for years. I can imagine the surgery to create the vaginal canal, and having to deal with the proximity of the bowel can be a problem. I don’t want it to be a problem! Also, active disease. Lemme shout it for y’all – ACTIVE DISEASE. This makes me really nervous. I go to the bathroom 5-7 times a night. Yeah, you read that right. It really fucks up my sleep. The big issue with active disease and so many bathroom trips is the healing, and possible infection. This is so serious…

I’ve kind of laid out my plan for surgery and the whys and why nots. I will have a phone consult with the surgeon in January to discuss it further.

Until my next update, check you later!


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