I Told My Mother!

As you know, dear readers of the page, I have GAS scheduled for April of next year. Exciting news in and of itself, I know. But the hardest part of the process remained –  telling my parents. Well, as of this moment, I can check that off my list! I called my mother and told her just a bit ago. I had terrible anxiety going into telling her. To be honest, this anxiety has been building ever since I got my date. All the regular fears trans folx have over disclosure were present, but my mom, bless her heart, handled it like a champ! No fainting, no smelling salts needed.

I didn’t tell my dad, leaving that chore to my mother to do, lol. I haven’t been disowned, which I thought was a possibility. I mean, I’m old and shit now, so they wouldn’t be able to kick me out and shit, but they do help financially (and we really, really appreciate that)! She could have cut me off immediately, but she didn’t, so there’s that. No outright rejection is a good day in my book!

Of course, there will be more discussions in the future; hopefully civil and without incident.

On a funny note, me and mama had a good laugh when my sis said goodbye to me as she was leaving. My mama tells me that she says bye, then when I say bye, mama deadnames me, hears sis use my correct name, tried to correct herself but gets so flustered, finally giving up. It gave me quite the cackle! hahaha!

So, all in all, a rather positive experience. My parents aren’t horrible people, just not familiar with teh trans. I don’t think they want to get familiar either. But hey, I don’t know any trans people IRL either, and it makes me nervous meeting new people.

That’s that, dear readers of the page! A bientot!


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