Bad Writing, Oh My!

Alright, this will definitely not be a long post, dear readers of the page. What did I do for most of yesterday, you ask? Well, I revisited this blog! I read every post that I’ve made on this blog for the first time ever! Eva Eva!! It took just about the entire day, and was funny, magical, and depressing in turns, and often at the same time.

I seem to have a problem with the words “wear” and “where” lol! It’s so embarrassing to look back at some of the horrible spelling and grammar mistakes. But, with the way I have crafted this blog, it doesn’t matter.

This digital notebook is just that. A way for me to get most of my thoughts out of my head and onto paper, as it were. IF something good comes from it, meaning a book, or even a helping hand to someone else, then I am happy. As it is. looking back, I am happy that I have kept a record of a general transition timeline. I guess I should add a pic for reference of a lewk I rocked in 2018. See below.


p.s. I have 550 (this makes 551) entries in this journal! A lot of the entries were short, thank gods! lol.


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