WorkOut Day#1

This will be a quick update, dear readers of the page. I just wanted to write about exercise, and how much I need it. I’ve got a major surgery coming up, and I need my body to be healthy going in so I have a better chance of a smoother, easier recovery. To that end, Egg (not for my sake) got a gym membership, and she is allowed to bring a guest. So we went to the gym tonight, and did a 30 minute walk on the treadmill. My legs are jelly, lol. I’m so out of shape.

I usually hate gyms, but this was a positive experience. I think I would feel comfortable going there often. One thing that tickled me and Egg was that when we got to the desk and had to check in for the first time, I had to show my license. The guy did his thing, then looked up at me and said “this doesn’t look like you at all.” Great! I can dig it! I don’t know if it means I look more feminine or if it can be attributed to the loss of weight that happened after I took that pic. Either way, I’m taking it as a win! Yay!!


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