First Wax Job

I had my first eyebrow wax today, dear readers of the page. I think I was more nervous yesterday than I was today, as the appointment got closer  and closer. I went to European Wax Center, and the two ladies at the front desk were extremely kind. The waxing guru came and got me from the waiting room. I had to take off my purse and my glasses and got on the table. I had to explain that I wanted a more feminine brow, as I was transitioning. She didn’t bat an eye, and was very professional. So, the waxing started. First, she used some type of gel or liquid on my brows, then combed them, then got with the wax.

The wax was pretty warm. I wasn’t expecting that. And honestly, I was expecting more pain. I was rewarded with a minute amount of discomfort. The more painful (and it wasn’t painful at all) was the tweezing that came after the waxing. Plucking those hairs was satisfying, even if I wasn’t doing them myself. She explained what she was doing every step of the way, and at the end she used a brow pencil and brow powder to give my brows some definition and thickness. I should have taken a pic pre-wax, so that I could compare the two. I mean, I have many pics pre-wax, but I am wearing my glasses in almost every one of them. So, I am going to attach a couple of pics post-wax.  The next step is to perfect the brow work myself. Not waxing or plucking necessarily, but more along the lines of how to properly use the brow pencil and powder. Anyway, pics below. Enjoy!


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