My New Car

Howdy friends! Today’s post will be short, and it centers around my months old, used, new-to-me Toyota Camry, year 2006. We call it Cam. Original, huh?

Anyway, Cam has been running like a champ, no problems right? That is until yesterday. Me and Egg had just finished working out (yay for motivation) and were almost home when we noticed that the battery light was on. We checked the manual and it gave us some pretty scary advice: Take vehicle back to dealership. Now, I just don’t have that kind of money.

Hoping that it was a fluke, and the light would go off, Egg went to run some errands. So far, so good as the light was still on, but the car was running.

We ordered a pizza and Egg went to go pick it up. That’s when things went south. On the way home, and fairly close, the car started shutting down. The cd player stopped playing the cd. The dashboard lights kept flashing on and off, until finally they stopped working all together. Egg managed to make it home, but of course neither of us feels safe to drive it now. So, we called papa bear. He was at a movie, but will call us after church today.  Scary. I’m so happy Egg is safe.

We have Egg’s car, but it is problematical, ya feel me? There is a leak somewhere because we constantly have to put coolant in the car. While her car is a 2007, we have put a lot more miles on her car than on Cam. Her car’s name is Alice because it is a Rabbit, and is white. You know, follow the white rabbit?. It also needs an oil change like two months ago.

I am going to try to attach the video Egg took of the dash doing its thang! See below.


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