Cam the Camry is dead. I made it to the auto store to have them check the battery. That was yesterday. They charged the battery, but it didn’t start so they couldn’t do an alternator check. I left the car overnight and come back this morning. The car starts, they check the battery. It is almost drained. So, auto guy tells me it’s the alternator. Egg said the same thing. Dad said the same thing. I have no idea. I’m going with what they say, lol.

So, I bought a new alternator. My brother in law is handy with cars, so he is going to put it in. Yay for family!

Quick funny story. Auto guy asks me what cylinder Cam is. I don’t know, so he tells me to look at the engine block and it will be there. I look, and all it says is 16 liter or valve or something like that. I go in and tell him, feeling like an absolute moron because I knew that wasn’t right. But auto guy was really nice, came back outside and showed me where the cylinders are. Right in front of my freaking face, lol! 4 cylinders for the win!


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