Update On Pennsylvania

We’ve gotten one step to Pennsylvania, dear readers of the page. We bought our plane tickets recently. So we are set on flights. Next up – accommodations. Should we stay next to the hospital, where it will be more expensive, or should we stay closer to the surgeons office, which is farther away from the hospital.  The recommended hotels near the hospital are less than a mile away, so if something were to go wrong after surgery, we would be closer to the ER. And one of the good things is that all recommended hotels will give a discount for patients of my surgeon. That’s cool. Honestly, I would rather stay at this hotel in between the hospital and the surgeon’s office. A lot of trans patients stay there, and it looks beautiful, meditative, and peaceful.

As for the flight tickets, we didn’t get the bottom dollar tix, instead we went up one level. A little more expensive, but hopeful a little more space, and we were able to pick our seats ahead of time. I thought that was standard, but at the lowest rate, we wouldn’t have been able to pick our seats, giving up the chance of not sitting near each other. We are not near the bathroom, but that was more my choice, as I didn’t want to sit near the back of the plane. I will take some Imodium before the flight. Maybe, I should consider a butt plug, lmao!!!


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