Tomorrow Will Be Different

Tomorrow Will Be Different is the name of a book by Sarah McBride. It is her story, and fuck, y’all, it is so so inspirational! She is a trans woman and a higher up with the HRC.(Human RIghts Campaign). She is the first openly trans person to address the Democratic National Convention! She was fascinated with politics and history from a young age. Her coming out, and first rue love story is rapturous, reeling and keeling in the highs, and tragic, but ultimately uplifting at the end type of story. I read it in one day. Well, in less than twenty four hours. I started the night before, knocking out 60 pages, slept for six hours, then finished my the next afternoon.  Her story is a triumph!

Unfortunately, with exposure comes the bad element – namely conservatives in every form and fashion.  Recently, Sarah was harassed by some Terfs/Farts in an on-air altercation.  This is the hard trade in activism, I think. Well, for me, anyway. At least, I think so. I’m not sure. I have good coping mechanisms, lol!

Read the book if you can!



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