Damn Hair

I think I am backwards-assing this whole transition thing. Traditionally, trans women try to start electrolysis or laser before starting hrt, or at least around the same time. Since laser won’t work for me because of all the grey hairs I have, I am relegated to the even more painful experience of electrolysis. I started electro some years ago, paid something like 1250$ for a patch of hair to be removed. I think I am going to have to find one of those sedation electro places, be put under, then let them go to town.  It will probably be expensive, but damn, the faster I can get this facial hair removed, the better. I hate feeling my face eight hours after shaving and touching stubble. I hate the dark marks that some of my hair follicles leave after being shaved. I just hate facial hair. It sucks. They say beauty is pain. I say fuck them!


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