Pre Op Phone Call

Hey there , dear readers of the page. I just got finished with my pre op phone call with the surgeon’s medical assistant. It was as to be expected, but I have a lot of things to take care of before the 9th of April. I have to have a physical. Problem is that I had one last August, and apparently my insurance only allows one physical per year and a day. They have what is called a pre op appointment, which, as I understand it, is a way to get around the one year and a day physical restraints. But the problem is that my GPs’ only appointment in the near future is April 18. I need to have all this work done and sent in by April 9th or my surgery will be cancelled. Another wrench in the system is that I can’t have this physical before March 23rd.  It just does not give me a long window to get this taken care of. I’ve already called my GP office, and they are trying  to find another doctor who will be able to work around this with me. I certainly hope this is the case. One of the things that I am beginning to realize is that it is extremely hard to get an appointment with my GP, and that is frustrating.

I also have to do lab work, which means that I will have to pay lab corp before I can have the blood work done. This is going to stress me out, but it has to be done, so I am going to fight to have it so.

And depending on how I feel, I may still change back to vaginoplasty, rather than zero depth. Still a decision that is up in the air, and is based on my Crohn’s acting up. We shall see….


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