So, in today’s wtf news, dear readers of the page, I almost lost out on my surgery due to a Medicare snafu. The surgeon, you see, does not take medicare, and this would have caused me to have to pay the full surgeons fee out of pocket. The surgeons fee is around twenty thousand dollars!!! Yikes! I actually started sweating, and I hardly ever sweat. I have been communicating with various agencies by phone and email.

Back in 2013, I was on disability. At that time, I guess (or so I’m told) I signed up for Medicare. When my disability ended in 2013, the Part B of medicare was cancelled. Part A, however, was not cancelled. This is what was causing the snafu. As the surgeons office was running my insurance, the medicare issue came up. After some time on the phone, I got it all cleared up.

BCBS is my primary insurance, through Egg’s work. Medicare, apparently, is on the policy as a backup. When the surgeons office ran the policy, they noticed the Medicare and automatically sent me a concerning email. So today, I have talked extensively to the surgeon’s office, to Medicare, and to SSN.  It is all cleared up now. BCBS is primary, so that is where the surgeons office will draw from. And, hopefully, the hospital will run both insurances, thereby reducing the out of pocket cost from the hospital. I hope that is how it will work  out, fingers crossed.

I am expecting another bump in the road; hopefully, though, it won’t be insurmountable. The stress will cause my lovely locs to fall out. And we’ve already got flight/room and board taken care. I don’t want anything silly to stop this surgery.

I have to get another physical, even though I had one in August. This is a pre-requisite for surgery. I also need lab work done, which I don’t have the paperwork for yet. But that will be a pretty penny, as I already owe lab corp for previous visits. That sucks, but it’s the way the cookie crumbles. So, lab work and the physical are the next hoops I have to jump through. And get this – I have to get this physical sometime between the 23rd of March and the 8th of April. My primary GP is out, because she really never has any good times. She is always scheduled at least a month or two out, which sucks. But my primary group has another doc, and my physical is scheduled for March 25th. Yay for the small things, right??!!??

All in all, a stressful morning, and a stressful month coming up. I just need to get through March, then tackle April. Hopefully, all will play out in our favour!


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