Atlanta United

Yesterday, dear readers of the page, we went to our first Atlanta United game at Mercedes Benz Stadium in the A. It was a fantastic experience, with the single exception being the purchase and retrieval of the tickets.

The stadium is cashless, so there are card machines set up to turn your cash into a card, then you can purchase whatever you want while in the stadium. They also take credit and debit cards, so that is good.

We had one of our besties, Michelle, meet us at our spot, then we drove to MARTA, and rode to the stadium. Once inside, we explored for a bit. It was pretty easy to get to from our doorstep, taking less than an hour. We just had to follow the throngs of five stripe supporters.

When we got our refreshments, we decided to find our seats. Wow! Our seats were the second to last row in the the entire stadium. We were almost behind the goal that ATL was attacking in the first half. The game itself was fun, but going up and down those steep stairs was a bitch, and kind of dangerous when mixed with yummy sixteen dollar margaritas, hahaha. The game ended in a 1-1 tie. I’m not sure how good the five stripes are going to do this year, but the experience was super fun. 10/10 would definitely do it again, although maybe not during the summer months. It is comfy in the stadium, but riding MARTA back home would be stifling.

Here are some pics:



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