Hey there, dear readers of the page! Sorry I’ve been gone so long. I can’t promise that I will stick around. This may just be a blip on the radar, ya know?

I have been in a depressive episode of the ever-revolving bipolar ball. My anxiety jumped up some too, which is shocking, given the amount of MM I use. Anyway, I was just thinking that I haven’t had a manic episode in a while. I kind of miss the energy behind it. It is hard to get thing, well, things other than the gossamer glow of glossed over chores and over meaningless activities. All that to say – being manic can give life drive and purpose sometimes.

I had a therapy session yesterday. One of the great things to come out of it was to, instead of thinking about a thing I want to do, and letting it overwhelm me, instead, break it down into chunks of time. So, something like 30 minute blocks of doing one thing, day after day. This may sound easy to a lot of you out there, but my mental illness will not make this easy. Just as a reference, I want to relearn French so I have been using the app Duolingo. I had a 71 day run of practicing every day. Then I missed one day. That was okay, I picked back up the next. But the seed was already sewn, and while I made the next day, I skipped the day after that one, and haven’t been back since. That long story was to say, I don’t know how well I will do at this 30 minute challenge. I don’t know how motivated I am to do it. I was yesterday. Not so much today. Ho hum…


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