The Hazy Daze Of Summer

Yes, we are knee deep into August, and the heat and haze is indeed stifling. Fuck Summer all around with a rusty chainsaw. A good thing happened yesterday! Egg, in her infinite kindness, bought us both new iphones. The 12 pro max 256. They are both the blue color, and we cannot wait until our cases and stands and chargers come in tonight! Yay! I’ve got to admit, though, that the switch from Android to iphone has not been fun, and the learning curve is kinda steep. It is fun, though. I am not great with new tech, but Apple seems to make it easy for the novice user…I think!?! lol.

We adopted a black pug puppy during the beginning of the pandemic, and he has given us a run for our money, quite literally. We have paid close to 8,000.00$ since we got him. We are at our breaking point, where if he has to have another major surgery, we may have to give him up. He took all our money, and thanks, only to Egg’s bonus,, we have been able to come back from that crushing debt. Nyx, The Notorious P.U.G. got really sick after he had his one year vaccines. I don’t know if the vaccines had any part in it, and he had some underlying conditions that came to the front. He has IBD and pica. We had to get him a muzzle for when he is outside, because he eats absolutely everything – glass, rocks, twigs, berries, sand, grass, cardboard boxes, magazines, any type of paper – it’s fucking nuts!!! This is why he had to have exploratory surgery. We thought he ate something, and it was lodged in his intestines. This is after an endoscopy and abdominal ultrasound. The surgery showed some ruptures in the intestines and some adhesions, as well as necrotic tissue. The doc did a great job fixing Nyx…for now.

I found some good trees. Hazey indeed!

Anyway, that is all for today. We will talk to you later, dear people of the page


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