Disability Take 2

So, dear readers of the page, I am happy to write that my therapissy, Kristine, has made contact with my disability adjudicator. This was a necessary step, as it may cut down on the visit to the state-sponsored psych evaluation that is currently scheduled for the 19th. It would be a huge inconvenience to both me and Egg. She would have to leave work early to come to pick me up, as I am terrified of driving the highway to get to the appointment. I just don’t think I can do it, ya know?

Unfortunately, Kristine was in an auto accident. She is on the mend, but apparently took some time off of work, and that is why she didn’t call me back. I was getting desperate after my calls went unreturned. I mean, what if this was an emergency that required hospitalization. Luckily, we have a treatment plan in place for that.

I was, however, getting nervous that the necessary paperwork for disability hadn’t been sent and that I was being ignored. That is just my damaged brain working to trick me. My therapissy is awesome, and so caring. I should have known that something was wrong, but every time I called the office, it went to vm, and I didn’t feel like leaving a message that most likely would not be returned. I took (what I consider) the drastic measure to text Kristine early one morning, and lo and behold, I got an answer back from her. She talked to the adjudicator, and faxed in the information, which she already mailed in anyway. So, hopefully, things will move forward now, and I will hear something soon. End typing.