Tea Time

When we had that grease fire last year, our tea kettle was a casualty of fire extinguisher stuff. Well, we finally got around to replacing our kettle last weekend. Egg had a gift card to Sur La Tab, a local hotspot for all your cooking and kitchening needs. So we got some tongs, and this nifty kettle seen below. I have already used it once, and am going to make a cuppa as soon as I attach this pic! Still sipping on that Christmas tea by Adagio.

Edit: I should mention that the color is all Eggs doing. It is her favorite colour!



Time For Tea

I 💖 Adagio’s Christmas tea so much, I may have to order more just in case I run out, lol. We also need a new kettle. The last one was a casualty of the fire we had last year. It sucks trying to make tea with a microwave!

Anyway, sip slowly dear readers of the page


Welcome, dear readers of the page! Thanks for joining me in 2019! 525,600 minutes! Time to do a minor year in review for 2018 (transition-related), then onto a minor list of things to accomplish in 2019.

2018 – The Good – I am alive, and I don’t take that lightly. My mind played some nasty tricks on me for 1/3 of the year. I had a fecal transplant to curb my recurrent c-diff. I haven’t had c-diff since, so yay!

I had my orchiectomy (surgical removal of the testicles) July 30. The surgery, and the recovery went smoothly. No major pain, no issues like with my surgery in 2007.

I set a date for my GAS. It is currently scheduled for the end of April, so, just around the corner.

2018 – The Bad – I got c-diff twice in three months. I had a seven-day hospital stay, and have been in a flare the entirety of 2018.

I thought that I would have already done my name change, but it is more practical to wait until after GAS. I could, legally, change my name and gender in the state I live in (the requirement is surgery, and the removal of my balls counts) but my GAS was approved under deadname, so that is how the hospital in Philly will check me in. I don’t want any snafus at the last minute because of my ego.

My voice is still…well, my voice. But it is still deep, which sucks. I guess I have to take the blame entirely. I bought Kathe Perez’s cds. She is a voice therapist who works with a lot of trans women to feminize their voices. Right now, I pass on sight alone maybe 65% of the time. But when I open my mouth, pronouns are automatically switched, and apologies bandied about.

I haven’t worked since Feb. I am trying to get on disability, but the process takes forever.

For 1/3 of the year, I was in a severe depressive episode. My episodes always include suicidal ideation and planning. I feel bad that I had all my friends and family in a constant state of worry. Egg was amazeballs, as always. She gave me space, but not too much. She let me mope, cry, be despondant, be empty, be paranoid, and every other feature of my episodes, but she was always nearby.  That will always be my saving grace.

There were more things that happened,  Oh yeah, my mama got, then beat cancer! So, great outcome from a scary situation! But yeah, as I sit back and think, more stuff pops into my head, so I am gonna leave it at this.

2019 – WOOT!! – Now, I am feeling more optimistic about 2019 than I remember feeling about 2018.  While still in a flare, I think adding Flagyl to my med cocktail for my Crohn’s disease is helping. I am not going to the bathroom 10+ times a night. Now, it is more like 5-7 times. Definitely more manageable.

Things I want to do – get through GAS, heal, heal, heal. Write more, write better (learn the difference between “wear” and “where”), write faster and harder. Start to learn an instrument, pick up a language. I want to get my name/gender change taken care of. Get my passport with my correct name/gender, as well as all other paperwork. I want to volunteer some. I want to meet a trans person, irl. That means putting myself out there, something I am terrified to do. I have grown comfy staying at home, and there is nothing wrong with that. It’s just that I want to explore the community more. I want me and Egg to continue to grow together. I want to foster closer relationships with me friends.

And there you have it, readers of the page. A short, and in no way comprehensive, list of my 2018 and hopes for 2019. Now, for me, it’s time to brew a cup of Christmas tea and watch some Premier league football!


While Having Tea

Woot! Howdy, dear readers of the page! Two times in one day! Not sure what is spurring on this writing renaissance, but I loooovvvveeee it!

Recently, I ran out of one of my favorite types of tea. It is called Christmas, and it is a Christmas blend from Adagio tea company. We have been using them for years now. Anyway, it is made with Ceylon black tea with spices and orange notes. Kind of zesty. High on the caffeine levels, too; this is excellent for me when I need a minor boost in energy.

I bought three ounces for $7.00. Amazing, right?!?! The order arrived earlier this afternoon, and I couldn’t resist immediately brewing up a tasty cup!  And it was indeed tasty! This particular cup of tea exceeded my expectations!

Below is a pic of the first brew of the new stash! Delish! You can see the smoke rising from the liquid. And I fucking dig the BtVS reference on the mug. Egg got it for me! Yay! Okay. enjoy the pic, and the rest of your day/night dear readers!


Welcome, dear readers of the page, to 2018! I trust your New Year celebrations were fun and safe. I was able to watch the webcast of Phish’s show at Madison Square Garden in NYC. What an absolute cracker! It was fire, and I will certainly have to buy the mp3 so I can relive the memory over and over. Next best thing, or possibly even better, than being there in ze flesh.

In terms of medical transition, last year was a bit slow. I did get my levels correct, finally.  I added progesterone to my hrt regimen. In terms of other aspects of transitoin, not so much. And that’s fine with me. I am taking transition at my own pace, and doing things when I feel ready. I present female wherever I go, and, in general, in whatever I do. Still haven’t started using the women’s bathroom, but that will probably change in 2018. I’ve been getting gendered correctly more and more, although my voice betrays me – that will change this year. I think I am going to invest in Kathe Perez’s program to get my voice into a nice female range.

I also plan on name change, and getting that orchi done this year. Those are my plans, now time to make that shit happen.

I am nervous about a change that I am getting ready to make, regarding my hair. I think I am going to have my extensions taken out. The whole purpose of the extensions was to let my hair loc up, and I think it has worked beautifully. At least, that is what my loctician tells me. We’ll see. I think this will take away some of the passing privilege I currently have, which isn’t much at all. Hopefully, I won’t look too manly. I know that some of my looks, ah fuck, who am I kidding; a lot of my best pics of last year were because of my beautiful hair length. I’m going to take that away. Time to be strong, in the immortal words of Buffy. We’ll see…

That’s it, for now, dear readers of the page. Time to feed the dog, and have my first cuppa tea of 2018! Adagio’s Christmas blend is what I’ve been drinking, why change it up?

Tea Time

Just a reminder of what this blog originally started out as. A journal of life while sipping slowly on that stuff!  I am going to have a cuppa right now. Probably something with a little Cream Earl Grey in it. I have been digging that flavor recently.  20150823_053900