Therapy Day And General Update

Today, dear readers of the page, was therapissy day with Kristine, my therapissy. I love, love, love her. She is so kind, and very perceptive! We had another productive session, so all is well on that front.

Egg is healing nicely from gallbladder surgery a week ago Friday. We even went to the gym yesterday. She still has some tightness, but the pain is minimal, at least that is what she is saying.

Fingers crossed, we should be getting some money soon, and that will help us pay for the hotel in Philly. Hopefully, they will still have a room for that length of time. We are going to be there for a clip, so this is important.. The hotel will be near the hospital, which is good in case we need to rush back after surgery.

My mood is stable again. I had a period right before my last delestrogen injection, where I was crying about all sorts of things. I just couldn’t stop crying, and that usually signals a depressive episode oncoming. The one thing that I didn’t have was suicidal thoughts, so that was good, and different from my regular depressive episodes. I’m wondering if it was because my estrogen level dropped too low. There is a theory about trans women having period symptoms. Of course, not the bleeding, but some cramping and definitely being more emotional. I don’t know what it was for me. All I know is that everything little thing was setting of these crying jags, and I was extra emotional and almost down. I remember having my shot on that Tuesday, then evening out slowly after that, to where I am now – an even keel. I really need my moods to stay stable for this upcoming surgery, ya know?!

I am going to drop a couple of pics for the timeline.


Therapissy Update

Hey there, dear readers of the page! Today, I want to write a little bit about my new therapist. Her name is Kristine and she rawks!! Seriously, she’s everything a therapist should be: kind, empathetic, but she will also call me on my bullshit.

Eli, my last therapist, jumped ship when Trump took office, and moved his family to Costa Rica. He still comes back every once in a while, and I happened to catch him back in June when I was in crisis. He rightly recommended and referred me to another therapist, Kristine.

When Egg and I first went to see her, I was in bad shape and pretty suicidal. She helped me talk through those feelings of worthlessness and emptiness and self-doubt, and everything else that comes from bipolar depression. Thanks to my family, who doled out Kristine’s high hourly fee so I could see therapissy. She is a family, trauma, and gender therapist, and her qualifications allow her to charge the amount she does. I needed her to write me a letter for both my orchi and for GAS, and what she did is so cool. She wrote one letter, charged me the $300 fee once, but allowed me to pay it off over sessions. So, instead of 1.5 hours of therapy, it would be 1 hour, but I would pay for 1.5. I really appreciated that, because the sessions were paid for, in advance, by various members of my family. Then, when it became time for needing the letter for GAS (insurance companies require trans patients to submit two letters from two different therapists in order to have necessary surgery), she changed a couple of words from the orchi letter and turned it into a GAS letter! And she didn’t even charge me a second $300, which she most certainly could have done, you smell me?

All in all, after seeing Kristine for 6 months, and pretty heavily in the first 3 months, I can honestly say that we are a better fit than me and Eli. I shoudn’t say better, because that’s not true; but, it’s a different, more comfortable fit than Eli. So that is my update for Therapissy. I had a session yesterday, and it was great. Maybe I will write more about my next session. I will have had my second phone consult with my surgeon by then, so we will have plenty to talk about. Okay, peeps. Enjoy the rest of your day!