Flight And Hotel Booked

Hey there, dear readers of the page! I am so happy right now! We booked our flight to Philly several weeks ago. Today, we booked our hotel, too! So now we have a place to stay and a way to get there.

We don’t know, however, how much the surgery will cost. They will tell us about two weeks before surgery, which sucks from a planning point of view. So we are going to Philly. Who knows if surgery will be pulled off, but we are definitely going, lol! I told Egg that, while Philly would probably be really cool, it’s not a place I currently want to spend ten days in without surgery. It would be so anti climatic, you know?

Anyway, that is the special news for today! A bientot!



Spotify, the behemoth streaming service, finally sucked me in, dear readers of the page. I have been using the free version for a long time now. Recently, they were running a promotion for 60 days of premium for free. I had heard the commercials before. Fuck – they played it three times in a row all the time. So, on the second to last day, I scooped the deal. Now, I have been listening to commercial-free music, it’s almost been transformative. I am able to skip to which ever song I want to hear. My playlists, which hold hundreds of songs are so amazing without being broken up by commercials. The muic itself is supposed to be of a higher quality (the sound, I mean). As I’m typing this, my playlist jumped from Prince to The Men! Sooo awesome! I think they have got me, dammit!

In My Head

You know, I live several worlds inside my head. I always have. When I was younger, I had more friends. I guess friends are hard to keep with age, life, mental and physical illness, dysphoria, isolation…

But now, I have only a few friends, and we don’t see each other all that much. I don’t have any lgbt+ friends in real life. But I don’t know where I would fit in in the community. This is going to be something I want to work on for 2019 and going forward. Even if I don’t make it out this year, I still want to. Last year, I didn’t want to go anywhere. Now that the depression has lifted, and my mind is back to being relatively strong, I feel like I can take on some new challlenges. You know, put myself out there. But it’s hard. And my default is always fear. It’s my old friend, and my worst enemy.

All this to say, I want to keep the worlds in my head, because I value them and they keep me sane and safe; at the same time, I want to make some room for a new life, filled with new people and new adventures. Simple, huh?

A Phoenix Reborn

And just like that, Cam has risen from the ashes, and shed all the negative emotions of the last few days. Vroom Vroom, readers of the page! That’s right! My car has been fixed! Timmy, my brother in law, fixed it in under an hour!! How’s that for handy??


Cam the Camry is dead. I made it to the auto store to have them check the battery. That was yesterday. They charged the battery, but it didn’t start so they couldn’t do an alternator check. I left the car overnight and come back this morning. The car starts, they check the battery. It is almost drained. So, auto guy tells me it’s the alternator. Egg said the same thing. Dad said the same thing. I have no idea. I’m going with what they say, lol.

So, I bought a new alternator. My brother in law is handy with cars, so he is going to put it in. Yay for family!

Quick funny story. Auto guy asks me what cylinder Cam is. I don’t know, so he tells me to look at the engine block and it will be there. I look, and all it says is 16 liter or valve or something like that. I go in and tell him, feeling like an absolute moron because I knew that wasn’t right. But auto guy was really nice, came back outside and showed me where the cylinders are. Right in front of my freaking face, lol! 4 cylinders for the win!