Pulling Hairs – Part Deux

I had my second electrolysis appointment today.  I knew what to expect going in and after sitting in the waiting room for about 10 minutes, Ahoova called me back and we got started, or I should say, she got started. I tried not to wiggle or swallow too much, and focused instead on allowing her to attack each hair with as much vigor and desire as she was able to put into it.

That doesn’t mean that it was just an hour of silent pain, then she let’s me go. No, the hour was filled with great minutes of conversation followed by some minutes of silence, which works perfectly for me, as I don’t want to talk the ENTIRE hour but I don’t want to concentrate on each sizzling follicle dying its slow death for. an.entire. hour.

I am in a quandary as to whether or not I should be tipping Ahoova(my electrologist) after each session. It seems ludicrous that I should have to tip her after the total amount she gets from me and my trans bros/sisters. I guess she is known in the local trans community for being an excellent, quick, and empathetic electrologist. I have also read, however, some negative things about her; indeed, on my first visit, she said some things that made me question her involvement within the community. I had to back myself up a bit, and realize that just because she is an electrologist and works with trans people(as well as cis folks), it doesn’t necessarily mean she will always be perfect with her terminology.  But a quick and kind correcting, by way of using the correct pronouns myself, and she was back on the right path;-).

So now, it’s ice ice baby for a little bit to help with the swelling and redness. Then I need to remember to keep my grubby ladyfingers off that area of my face.  I still have a hard time noticing a difference. Ahoova, of course, notices it. She better, dammit! Hahahahaha.

I’ve scheduled one more appt for next week, then it is going to have to be every two weeks. That is until I get a job. But for now, every two weeks will have to do, if I can manage that. Damn, transitioning costs too much damn money, and I haven’t even gotten to the magic beans yet!!!!